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Top 10 Writers Of Horror Books And Stories

Amongst all the other genres, horror is indeed one of our favourites. The gripping spine chilling stories never fail to disappoint us, and that’s why we love horror! Horror is like the spice in a bookworm’s world. And of course, the due credit for coming up with such marvellous stories does go to the authors themselves! So which are the best authors in the horror genres? We’ve made a list of them – check out if your favourite authors feature in here:

Dean Koontz:
This author is known for churning out back to back bestsellers in both horror and suspense genre. And all of them are so intense, that we’re sure you won’t keep the book down unless you’re done with it!

Stephen King:
The King of horror, murder mystery and suspense genre, Stephen King needs no introduction when it comes to his finesse of producing masterpieces in these genres.

Christopher Pike:
Apart from his bestsellers in the thriller and science fiction, Christopher is known to be one of the best authors who has compiled a series of horror books for children.

Anne Rice:
The one who introduced us to Vampires is undoubtedly one of the authors who deserve to be on this list.

Mary Shelly:
This gifted, born to be an author completed her first book at the age of 19 – and since then there was no turning back. A fantastic author of the horror genre, Mary Shelly is still known, remembered for her beautiful books.

Jonathon Maberry:
Not everyone can bring class to horror – but this author seems to do it just effortlessly! And that’s why we love him!

Bram Stocker:
We wouldn’t have had the famed character Dracula if it were not for Bram Stocker! An author who has given us some of the most iconic works and characters in the horror genre is someone whom we have all grown up reading.

Clive Barker:

A noted author in the horror genre, Clive also juggles by as a filmmaker. And it’s just strange that while the rest of the world identifies his work under the horror genre, he himself denies the fact!

Peter Straub:
There’s no hesitation in proclaiming that he’s one of the best brains in the world around. An immensely gifted author, Peter has a lot of stunners to his credit.

Mylo Carbia:
Her fantastic work has fetched her the title – Queen of Horror, and we’re not raising any objections to it! A marvellous author with a fabulous range of work to her name!