30 4-year Anniversary Gift Ideas For a Couple

May 28, 2021
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The Four Year Aniversary is the most neglected event in all of the gift-giving world. It is often skipped over by couples, who are either too busy to even think about it or so deeply in love they don't need any material things to prove their dedication.

This year make a point to remember your four years together and celebrate with one of these four-year anniversary gift ideas.

four year anniversary gifts

1. Romantic Getaway

If you have been with your partner for more than four years, they are likely a good friend as well as your lover. Over these years, you have visited many of the same places and done countless of the same activities. This is not to say you no longer enjoy each other's company, but rather that you need someplace new to do it.

2. Tickets to a Show

Whether it is a play, opera, ballet, or symphony, tickets to an event are great four-year anniversary gift ideas for an adult couple. These events are a lot more than just entertainment; they help bring back the romance in your relationship and give you something else to talk about after the show ends for the evening.

3. Special Edition DVD Set

If you have been together for four years, spent that much time together, it is likely that you have seen, or at least heard of every movie you would like to see on DVD. That is what makes a Special Edition DVD set so great. It doesn't matter if you both have seen the movie before because you are part of a limited audience and will be able to talk about the experience and wonder how they pulled off some of the special effects used in films today.

4. Engraved Jewelry

For the man who has everything, there is no better four-year anniversary gift idea. A personalized piece of jewelry like a watch, ring, or bracelet will say how much you care and remind him of your love every day.

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5. A New Car

The obvious four-year anniversary gift idea for the man who can afford it is a new car. Whether he wants a sports car, truck, or SUV, as long as it is within his price range, it will be appreciated as a great four-year anniversary gift idea that will be used daily.

6. Home Repairs

If you have been together four years or more and have not started having little things repaired around the house, then you do not need any more ideas for gifts. However, for the couple who have been together for only a few months or years, their home may not require major repairs just yet.

For that couple, having your home repaired is a great four-year anniversary gift idea, because it shows you care about the place where you live and will also remind you of the work that needs to be done.

7. A Romantic Vacation

If getting away is your couple’s year anniversary gift idea, you can go to any of the many resorts around the world or if a home is close enough, just take a short vacation in your backyard.

It will be easy to plan trips to various indoor ski slopes or simply follow the snow on its way down a mountainside if it is wintertime. This is a perfect four-year anniversary gift idea because it shows how much you cherish your relationship.

8. A Mattress topper

The fourth anniversary is a good time to get a new mattress if you have been sleeping on one that has seen better days. However, you will need the guts to say what you really mean about your love for each other and can do so by telling her how great she looks with those puffy eyes and swollen noses from the cold weather.

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9. A TV

There are many ways for a husband and wife to spend time together after the children have gone to bed. An excellent four-year anniversary gift idea is purchasing a new TV. Not only will they tune in to some of their favorite shows, but it will also remind them that you want nothing more than to spend time with them.

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10. Wedding Ring

The man who has everything will not need any four-year anniversary gift ideas because he already has his perfect wedding ring. What a woman wants more than anything else is the promise of security and for her man to be faithful as long as they both shall live, and that is exactly what your wedding ring offers her.

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11. Books

The person who has everything has already read all the great books, so a four-year anniversary gift to them is a great way to honor the occasion still and show you still care about what they like.

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12. Wine

Who doesn't like a glass of wine at the end of a long day? A special bottle of wine is perfect for the couple who would rather stay home on their anniversary and enjoy each other's company.

13. Chocolates for Her, Candy for Him

It doesn't matter that this is an article about birthday gifts because everyone loves chocolate. So if you want to give the perfect four-year anniversary gift, get her some chocolates and him a bag of his favorite candy. Then, they will be able to remember this anniversary every time they take a bite of chocolate or candy.

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14. Watches

Watches are great four year anniversary gifts for men because not only do they tell time, but they also show how much care and effort you put into finding something that your husband will love and cherish.

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15. A New House

This may not be an ideal gift idea, but if you have been together for four years and are thinking about starting a family, it makes sense. If the couple does not have enough space for their family to grow, then it may be time to give them the gift of a new home that will suit both their needs and make room for any little ones that may be on the way.

16. A Personal Chef for a Month

A personal chef for a month is one of the most thoughtful four-year anniversary gift ideas because it shows that you care about what they want to eat and that you will go out of your way to fulfill their every culinary desire.

17. A Photo Collage

All marriages have moments that are not meant to be forgotten, but sometimes it is easy to forget the little things. A photo collage is a great four-year anniversary gift idea because it will remind them of all the things they love about each other and why they first got together in the first place.

18. Shopping Spree

She can spend the money she gets for being a stay-at-home wife on her four-year anniversary gift. All she needs to do is remember that it's their anniversary and pick out something they both love.

19. A Massage

This is a great four year anniversary gift idea if he has complained about being tense or even had back or neck pain because the stress of work can become physical pains. A massage for two people will be sure to relax him and make him feel good that you care enough about him to want to make him feel better.

20. A Day Trip

Plan an event for the two of you to go and do something just for the two of you. A day trip can be anything from a walk in the park to dinner together. It's all about making memories and being together as a couple.

21. A Date to Their Favorite Restaurant

Most people have a favorite restaurant or even a favorite dish at their favorite restaurant. This is the kind of four year anniversary gift that will say that you know them and you want to treat them to something they both love but can't get very often. Make sure they know how much it means to you by planning the date.

22. The Gift of Time

They are working hard to provide for the family and may not have as much time for you as they would like. So for four years of marriage, just let him know that you appreciate all he does and that the only gift you need is his time. The gift of time is a very thoughtful way to show your gratitude for his hard work.

23. Your Unconditional Love

Do you know what they need in their life? You! And love never gets old or goes wrong. They will be happy to open up a card with the words they need to hear, or even a note with a bit of homemade protest inside will touch their heart and remind them how much you care about them.

24. A Note In The Mail

They don't have to read your notes or open them, but putting some of their stuff on their doorstep will let them know that you care. You won't speak to this person in person for a while, so try and write as many notes as possible and put them on the doorstep or in some inconspicuous place.

25. Just Some Flowers

They have worked hard for what they have now, so the least you can do is show how much you appreciate it. If they are going off on a trip or leaving town for any length of time, just send some flowers to remind them how much they mean to you. 

But if you're in a relationship, maybe a little more complicated, it's never the wrong time to send your loved one flowers to brighten up their day.

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26. A Movie

This may be one of the most useful and easiest four year anniversary gift ideas, but it can also be one of the best. Whether they want to see a funny romantic movie or one that makes you think, a film outside of the home with you at their side will remind them how much time they spend with you and give them something to think about after you leave.

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27. A Toy For The Car

It doesn't matter who does all the running around for errands and what not; everyone needs a break from life once in a while. That is where this four year anniversary gift idea comes in. A toy for their car will remind them how wonderful it is to be with the person they love and let them know that you care enough about them to want to help.

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28. A Donation to Charity

Most couples take turns donating money to a charity of their choice, but this is one of the best four year anniversary gift ideas because it also shows how much thought and consideration went into picking out something they would like. 

Your thoughtfulness only goes so far, so you may need some ideas for four year anniversary gifts. If you are looking for things that will make her happy, too, or if you are in a more optimistic mood, then maybe you should look at this gift idea from an entirely different angle.

29. A Personalized Photo

This is one of the best four year anniversary gift ideas because it not only reminds them that you thought of them but also shows how much they mean to you. Having a photo or even just a favorite quote made into a picture than hanging it up where they will see it every day is sure to make their day.

30. A Personalized Notebook

Nothing says "I Love You" more than a carefully written personal note. Every time they pick up their favorite pen to write in their new notebook or journal, they will be reminded of all the things you love about them and all the reasons why you are still in love with them.

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The above are just a few ideas that may help you find the perfect gift for your husband or wife. Feel free to use them as a guide when asked, but make sure you think about where they are coming from.

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