36 Unusual 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

May 29, 2021
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It's hard enough to find the perfect gift for any other occasion, but even more difficult when it comes to birthdays. In this post, we've compiled some ideas for gifts that will totally make your loved one's 40th birthday awesome! So whether you're looking for a sentimental gift or something practical, this article has got you covered.

40th birthday gift ideas

1. A Scooter

Almost any adult would be thrilled to receive a fantastic new scooter on their 40th birthday – especially since they'll have the entire street to themselves. However, if you're buying for an adult, you might want to check on the specifications before ordering online.

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2. A Puzzle

When was the last time you had to put a puzzle together? If the answer is "a long time ago," then this would make a great gift. It's sure to be a challenge with all the pieces and multiple options, so make sure they're ready for it.

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3. A Nice Bottle Of Wine

Wine is a classic gift for any occasion, and this should be no exception! If you're not sure what kind of wine to get, go for something red and maybe even put in a bottle opener and some glasses just if they don't have any yet.

4. A Visit To The Restaurant

A gift card serves as a great way to support a loved one's hobby, and this is certainly something that everyone can use. There are so many great restaurants out there that everyone has their preference, so why not let them choose where they want to go!

5. A puppy

This is a classic gift that will never go out of style. Dogs offer love and companionship for as long as you need it, no matter how bad life gets.

6. Cookbook

Cherish the memories you have by writing (or talking) down your experiences with them. Then, make it easy for them to re-experience those moments by making a cookbook of their favorite recipes, which they can now re-create at home.

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7. A Bike

If the one you're buying likes to roll around town, go for something like this that lets them cruise through the city on their own two wheels. On the other hand, if they want something small and more personal, a nice bike is sure to do the trick!

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8. Chilling At The Cinema

This is a great way to do something nothing. Maybe there was a time when you spent your Friday nights out in the town with your friends, but look on the bright side -- now you can do that every week! Just make sure no one else in the theater is eating popcorn.

9. A New Wardrobe

Every girl wants to look her best on their birthday, which is a great way to help them do just that! Pick out something they've wanted to try for some time or browse their favorite stores for something new and different.

10. A Coloring Book

Coloring books are great fun for just about anyone who can hold a pencil. If they have the time to spare, this is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys spending time with their hands.

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11. A Kayak

Since this would be used most often by adults, it might be wise to get something like this that's more personalized than just a plain old kayak. Maybe they want something they can use on vacation or go on camping trips; either way, look into purchasing one that will hold up to whatever you throw at it.

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12. A New Backpack

You don't have to go with the classic backpacks everyone else has; make this one unique and individual for them! This would also be a great alternative if they're not into scooters or are too old for such things.

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13. A New Makeup Case Or Brushes

Makeup is often seen as a somewhat feminine thing that should be reserved for special occasions only. However, this is a great way to let someone know that it's okay for them to be interested in makeup and be proud of who they are.

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14. A New Pair Of Shoes

Shoes are always an excellent gift to give or receive, especially if you're giving these to someone who spends their days on their feet. This will make sure that they're ready for anything life happens to throw at them!

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15. A Surprise Party

Birthdays should be celebrated, and the best kind of parties are the ones where friends and family come together out of love. This is a great way to make sure everyone has fun together, especially if it's their favorite song or movie in which they're the star.

16. A Gift Card To A Gym

This one would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys getting fit and exercising but just doesn't have time for it. Also, this could be a great gift idea for the fitness-phobic who loves to work out but doesn't know how to let their friends know.

17. A Picture Frame

This makes for a very thoughtful and creative gift idea which is great for anyone who admires pictures of friends, family, or even cats and dogs.

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18. A Photo Album

Our birthdays are special, and it's important to remember the people who played a part in them. This is a fantastic gift idea that can help someone document all of their best moments!

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19. A Spa Visit

Spa treatments are a great way to relax after a stressful day, and these days you can have them delivered right to your door! This gives the gift of relaxation at work or while waiting for an appointment, or on the go if it's a long car drive!

20. A Getaway Weekend

This is such an easy way to show someone you care about them. You don't have to plan anything; just pack up their favorite things and let them know you're coming for the weekend! This is also perfect for those neglected by their partner recently and who need some alone time.

21. A Subscription To the Favorite Magazine

If they love to read, why not give them a subscription to their favorite magazines? This will provide them with all the new articles and tips on their favorite topics without leaving home!

22. A Manicure Set

This is something they can use themselves, or even give to their daughter or niece! It's a very thoughtful gift that is practical but also pretty.

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23. A Music Book 

A book of sheet music is an excellent gift for someone who loves the piano. It allows them to play their favorite songs, and they can even memorize the notes and sing along!

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24. A Set Of Travel Books

This is an excellent idea for anyone that loves to go on vacation! These books can be used on their upcoming trip or any trip they have planned in the future.

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25. Tailoring

Give your man-tailored clothing that will fit him perfectly! There are so many options online, and this is such an affordable gift for men who love clothes. You can find everything from t-shirts to suits.

26. Personalized Boots/Shoes

Help your man stand out from the rest with these personalized shoes! There are so many cute options, and you can customize them just for him!

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27. An Espresso Machine

This is a gift that any coffee-drinker would love to receive. Not only does it make an excellent gift, but it will also be a real treat for them to have a cup of coffee after dinner at home.

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28. A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers have become extremely popular in recent years. Now that so many people are trying to be more active, there are plenty of great fitness trackers out there for someone you love! They can keep track of their progress and participate in competitions with friends or family.

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29. Something New To Read

There's something about finding a new book that you just can't resist! Gift them something they're looking forward to reading that will be sure to take up some time during their break from work.

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30. A Gun

If you're buying for someone you know who loves guns, this is the gift that will impress them the most. If they have a collection, consider getting them a book to go with it!

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31. Something Fun

Sometimes, what makes the most sense is something that's just a bit of fun! Staying home on your special day and not doing anything exciting would be disappointing for many. On the other hand, if they're stuck at the office all day and would love to unwind from time to time, consider sending them home with some delicious food or a novelty item.

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32. Something For The Kitchen

Even if they're not a skilled cook, there's a lot to be said about being able to have everything you need in one place! This is the gift that will make them feel like they can get everything done without worrying about where to find things later. If your friend is a great cook and loves cooking, consider buying them a food storage container or some spices.

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33. A Purse Or Wallet

You can never go wrong with buying your lady friend a fancy new purse or wallet! They come in so many different styles and colors, so you're bound to find something that will catch your eye. However, if you want to be more practical, consider getting them a storage bag instead.

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34. Decorative Accessories

Do they have a bunch of random rings, necklaces, and earrings lying around that don't match anything? Give them the option to pick out what they want when you're getting them something like this. They'll love being able to accessorize however they want without any worries about its future use!

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35. A Scented Candle

Women love candles quite a bit; most of the time, they actually use the scents themselves because it makes them feel better and more relaxed. If you know someone well, getting them a candle is going to make them feel pretty good about themselves.

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36. A Chalkboard

If you're looking for the perfect gift to give someone who loves to cook or bake, then a chalkboard would match perfectly! They can even use it as an area where they can write down their grocery lists or make notes about things they need to do later on. The possibilities are endless, and the recipient of this gift will love being able to write down things and not worry about them getting erased.

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Although 40 is an age filled with many changes, it's also a time when people have started going out more often and getting around town. So if you're buying for an adult, this would be the time to choose gifts that they're going to enjoy. You don't want to give them something that they're not going to be happy with because they're getting older – you want them to have something that they can use.

If your friend or family member isn't any of these types of people, then you're still in luck! Now would be a great time to give them something valuable and practical for their homes like new kitchen appliances or a new dishwasher! It doesn't get any better than this. Thank you for reading this article about the 40th birthday gift ideas article. I hope you'll use one of these ideas.

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