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Incredible Books You Need To Read This Spring

Bookworms out there, all set for the spring? The suns out there shining, the birds are chirping, and the balmy breeze is gently flowing out there – now isn’t this just the perfect atmosphere to sit in your garden and catch up with some reading? Well, if that’s what you plan to do, we’ve got a list of must-read books which you have to read through the spring. Here you go:

The Fact of a Body by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
This book is a memoir, in which Alexandria has written about how while working at a summer internship, she comes across the case of a convicted murderer and paedophile. It’s not just about this, but how she realises that the details of the case strangely resonate her towards something in the past. Beautifully intertwined, it’s a story that will stay back in your mind and heart long after you’re done reading it. Apart from justice, the story is also about the triumph of truth and forgiveness.

Lost and Found – a novel by Nell Freudenberger:
This book coming from a  bestselling author traces the story of Helen Clapp an MIT professor who has recently lost a close friend, Charlotte Boyce. Somehow she isn’t able to deal with the incident in the way she should and keeps reminiscing about the days in the past. There was a time when Helen And Charlotte were roommates and shared everything with each other, this carried on even when they both became mothers, but out of the blue, Charlotte became more distant and drawn, something Helen couldn’t figure out at all. Here’s a novel that’s totally dedicated to friendship and love.

All grown up by Jami Altenburg:
A humorous take on the life of Andre Bern, who lives life on her own terms and is happily unmarried without children – all by her personal choice. After a while, Andrea’s niece is born – with severe birth defects, which has a drastic impact on Andrea, making her pause and think over what being an adult exactly means. A fun read, this book is a must to catch up on this spring.

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti:
Samuel Hawley is a criminal on the run – but not alone. He has his daughter Loo along with him. The duo is on the run until Loo turns an adolescent, with Samuel raising her as they’re on the run. But now they’ve settled in his late wive’s hometown, which is where Loo begins uncovering road of family secrets. A gripping story, this is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!