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7 Fun And Informative History Books For Kids

Well, history doesn’t really go down well with all – either you love it entirely, or you don’t at all – there’s no in-between! And we’re all well versed with that fact – it’s pretty known to us all! But have you ever given this a thought? What if someone actually made history interesting for you? What if you were introduced to fun history books at a young age, reading which you ended up loving the subject more than detesting it? Well, the first half isn’t in our hands, but the latter definitely is! SO here we are with 7 interesting history books which you should introduce your kids to right away:

Sticks n Stones Dinosaurs Bones:

History has been given a poetic touch to in this book, and that’s one reason why kids love it! Narrate these rhythmic verses to your kids at bedtime and watch how they listen to you wide-eyed. This book is a fantastic attempt to simplify history and make kids fall in love with it – so make use of it and introduce your kids to it right away! And hey, with the poems in this book, your little one is sure to have an improved vocabulary by the time you’re done!

The Who Was….series:
The Who Was….series is a collection of books that cover the lives of great people. The series includes the likes of famous people from all walks of life and includes George Washington, Helen Keller, Dr Seuss, even Steve Irwin and so on. Introduce these famous people from all over the world to your kids right away.

Little Leaders: Bold women in Black History:

Read this to your sons and daughters – may they be inspired by them and learn to respect them. Especially in this day and age, where despite adequate awareness and education, racism is on the rise, you need to make your little ones understand that they’re humans too, brave at that and have had an immense contribution to history. Read out the stories of the young heroines from this book at bedtime – it will shape their minds in a much better manner.

Worst Friends:
If you would pick out a school history textbook and narrate the founding of America from it to your kid, he’s probably bound to doze off. Well, that’s just because it’s written in a boring, monotonous manner! But imagine having a humorous take on how America was founded – wouldn’t it be just wonderful for both you and your kids? Get this fantastic book home and bring to life America’s founding for your kids!

Measly Middle Ages:
What was the Middle Age like exactly? Your kid may ask you one fine day – and there’s no better book than this to explain your child the exact events, inventions and discoveries during this phase, which was one of the most critical phases in history!

Anne Frank in the Secret Annexe:
No doubt your kids must have loved the Diary of Anne Frank – but how about giving them a more in-depth insight into her ordeal? This book describes in detail (much more in detail than the Diary of Anne Frank) how Anne Frank and her family survived the period in hiding, where they hid and what happens after the Nazis captured them. A book with a much better description to help your kids know the consequences of war in a much better manner.

So you want to be President?
A fun book with a lot of interesting, fun facts about presidents – it’s basically compiled for preschoolers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be fascinated by it. There are a lot of unknown facts in these books which we’re sure won’t fail to amuse you too! So read it together!