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5 New Fantasy Books To Read If You’ve Never Tried The Genre Before

Personally, I have the highest admiration for fantasy book authors – the power of their imagination is just incomprehensible. And the way they weave magic into the story is definitely worth applauding – it’s not at all easy to tame your imagination and entwine it into words – but somehow, these authors manage to do it so well. So here’s a list of five fantasy books you must read if you intend to get started with the genre :

Bruja Born – Zoraida Cordova:
A work of brilliance, the story in this book is layered, with a lot of twists and turns that will keep you hooked to it till the end. Zoraida Cordoza has to be given due credits for coming up with this story that has next-door characters peppered with some sisterly rivalry and also, a dose of necromancy ( don’t worry, it’s light-hearted!). Read this book and yes, thank me later!

Kill the farm boy – Delilah Dawson and Kevin Hearne:
When even fantasy get’s routine, with the cliched twists and turns and almost parallel storyline, here’s what you have to read- a fresh take on the fantasy genre, this book outrageously stands apart from the rest, making it a must to feature on this list. A fresh take on fantasy is always welcome, isn’t it?

Spinning Silver – Naomi novice:
If you loved the childhood classic King Midas story, here’s something for the adult you- this story is about Miryem, who is blessed with the ability to spin silver into gold. She’s a moneylender’s daughter who leads a life as normal as it could be, but will her amusing talent allow her to continue with her life as it is? That’s what happens when her skills are brought to light, and everyone is prying around to take advantage to use her talent.

Children of Blood and Bone – Tomi Adeyemi:

In a world where all magic users are slaughtered, how will Zelie survive, especially after she has lost her own mother in the ruthless massacre? This book is all about revenge and how Zelie decides to charge against the massacring monarchy with the help of a rebel princess from the royal family itself to ensue a fight against the crown prince himself,

Temper – Nicky Drayden:
Based in Africa, this story is intense and intriguing until the end. It’s about Auben Mutze, who has six brands on his arm, as compared to the one brand his twin has. This makes him the lesser of the two. The real twist is when Auben starts hearing voices that ask of him a string of actions – which are vague and out of the world. How will Auben tackle these voices? Or will he cave in?