28 Best Friend Gift Ideas That May Help You to Decide

May 21, 2021
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A friend is someone who knows you well, cares about you, and is always there for you. To show your appreciation and to make new friends, give them a gift that goes beyond the classic but traditional flowers or homemade baked goods. You know all the things they love and like but would never buy for themselves. What a perfect chance to show them something new! Take advantage of this present giving occasion to take stock of what makes friends so special in your life.

It's hard to shop for a friend, but don't worry- this list of 25 easy gift ideas should make finding a present for your friends a breeze. Gifts on this list are all those things that every friend loves but never gets enough of (or at least you think they would). They'll also give you some great insight into what your friends might like.

1. A Good Book

A good book is the perfect gift for any friend. It's a more thoughtful present than cards or flowers and can be a nice, low-pressure surprise to keep in mind on the day of your gift giving. You decide which book you'll give them- you can base it off things they've listed as hobbies or even what's going on in their life at that time. Choose a book that will remind them of you and take care on your first read through. Savor and enjoy every page!

2. A Spa Day

A spa day is a great excuse to spend some quality time with your friend. What's better than that? It also makes a great gift for a friend who's been working hard lately or is having some trouble coping with stress and has become particularly tense. If you have time, take them out for the day- you can bring them to lunch, the movies, or even out shopping- and then treat them to something extra special at the end of the day!

3. A Board Game Night

Board games are always fun to play! Gather up friends and spend an evening playing fun board games like Phase 10 or UNO. Board games are also a great way to get some friends together who might live too far away to see on a regular basis.

4. Tickets to an Event

Tickets to an event are frequently given as gifts, and for good reason- they're fun and easy! Choose tickets that you know your friend will appreciate- go to the event together or ask your friend if they have any interest in going before you buy them the tickets. If you find yourself with extra tickets, there's no shame in making a few bucks by selling them. Win/win!

5. A Coffee or Tea Subscription

Coffee and tea are two things that everyone loves but rarely buys for themselves. The monthly gift of a subscription to coffee or tea is a thoughtful, low-pressure present to get them on a regular basis.

6. A Seasonal Treat

Seasonal treats are readily available all around the year and can make great gifts! It can be anything from pumpkin cookies in the fall to peppermint bark in the winter. Nuts are also a seasonal treat that customers love to receive as gifts during the holidays! If you don't have time to make your own, you can easily buy them and then customize it with some cute bow or other trimmings. You can even try making your own at home if you want to skip the middle man!

7. Homemade Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a great way to make someone smile. If you're creative, try making a special treat basket or gift basket for your friend with all of their favorite things. You can even let them choose some things they'd like to have in the basket!

8. A Picture Frame with Photos/Mementos from Your Friendship

A picture frame with photos and mementos from your friendship is a thoughtful but low-pressure gift that will be something they'll get to enjoy every day. Try finding photos and memorabilia of when you first met or on an especially funny or memorable trip together. 

9. A Keepsake Box with Their Most Cherished Possessions

A keepsake box is a great gift to give your friend. You can build it yourself or go to the store and buy one, or make it even more personal by building it yourself with pictures and mementos from your friendship. It's a great way to see all the things that fill your friend's life, without taking anything away! When you give them the gift, you can explain that their most precious possessions are all inside.

10. A Planner/Organizer for Their Busy Life

Gift them of an organizer like a wall calendar or monthly planner so they can keep everything straight in their busy life. Whatever you buy, make sure that it's something that will help them stay organized and track their deadlines!

11. A Personalized Journal/Book

A personalized journal or book for your friend is a great way to show that you care and spend some time thinking of things they'd like. You can do this for any kind of journal or book- from a planner to a special book about your shared interests.

12. A Fitbit Gift Card For All Their Fitness Goals

Fitbit is an absolutely amazing gift for fashionable ladies out there! These fitness trackers allow them to keep track of their daily activities and set goals on how many steps they want to take each day, miles run, weight loss progress, etc. You can get a Fitbit gift card from Amazon, and my friend Emily is giving away a Fitbit to one of her readers so be sure to check out her blog post for more details.

13. A Printer So They Can Print Their Daily Activities

Gifts like a printer are common, but often forgotten about by people when they're trying to think of things to buy their friends. Having the ability to print things at home makes life so much easier for people, especially because printers are cheap and widely available. If your friend has any interest in decorating or scrapbooking, I'd recommend something with photo printing abilities as well!

14. Anything From their Wishlist

The best gifts are the ones you get that are on-point, personalized, and make someone feel like a million bucks. The key is to know whether or not your friend has a wishlist online so you can do some shopping of your own. If they have an Amazon wishlist , make sure to get them something that's on it! You can also create an online "store" with links to things they'd like, and let them know about it so they can shop from it whenever they need something new. And if they don't have an Amazon wishlist (shame on them!) it's really easy to set one up.

15. A New Pair of Headphones For Music Lovers

If your friend is a big music lover or audiophile, any kind of new pair of headphones would make an awesome gift! Be sure to get something they'll love and that look stylish.

16. Unique Jewelry (Bonus Points if it's Handmade!)

I always think jewelry is a great gift because you can get something totally custom and unique. Plus, you can never have too many pieces of jewelry in your collection, right?

17. A Subscription To One of Their Favorite Magazines

Another great gift idea is to give a subscription to your fashionista friend's favorite magazine! This makes for a super chic and thoughtful present that they'll surely appreciate. There are lots of different ways to purchase subscriptions online , but I'd recommend getting an Amazon gift card so they can chose their favorites from any website, or shop for other things they want while browsing.

18. A Fancy Candle

If your friend loves candles, especially ones that smell amazing and are made of quality ingredients, they're going to jump for joy when you present them with a new one. (And maybe they'll share the secret on how you made it smell so good!)

19. A Drink Mix

If someone loves to make sweet treats at home, then a frozen drink mix is the perfect gift! There are tons of different flavors to choose from or your friend can go for something a little more special – like matcha flavor.

20. A Cooking Class

If your friend loves spending time in the kitchen and trying new recipes, then a cooking class is a surefire hit. It's easy to gift this as many people love taking cooking classes!

21. A Home Goods Gift Card

People love wrapping up soft goods nowadays so a home goods gift card is not only for clothing but also for accessories like decorative pillows, bath products, and even bedroom accessories.

22. A Novella

A novella, or short novel, makes a great gift for your sister not just because it's something you can read together but also because it shows her that you care.

23. A Fragrance

I love this one! My father is the only guy in my family so he gets lots of perfumes and other scented stuff for himself. I want to make him happy and by giving him a scent from my preferred brand is the best way! And who doesn't appreciate a nice cologne or perfume? Just be sure to ask your brother what his favorite fragrance smells like before you buy it for him so that he'll actually use it.

24. A Bottle of Wine

I know someone who always makes a big deal out of holidays because she feels like she doesn't celebrate enough so this gift will be perfect for her… especially if you're not sure how to go about it. Either give them a wine gift basket or put together a wine club for them. If they are someone who loves to drink while watching Netflix, then this is the perfect gift as well!

25. A Gift Certificate for a Massage Getaway

If your friends are always complaining that their muscles are tense, give them some relief. A gift certificate for a massage may be the perfect gift to get them out of their doldrums and back to feeling good about themselves. And since treating yourself is always in order, why not make it two gifts? Give each friend a massage as a present and you'll have one lucky friend!

26. A Gift Certificate for a Wine Tasting Getaway

There's nothing quite like taking friends on a relaxing wine tasting trip. You might even consider giving your ticket to more than one friend so you can spread the love around while getting the most bang for your buck.

27. A Gift Certificate for Getting Hair Done

Also, if your friend is completely lacking in fashion sense or up on the latest trends, definitely give them a gift certificate for a new look. You might even get a few cool ideas from their new look!

28. A Gift Certificate for a Photoshoot

You might want to wait until your friend has accomplished something amazing, or look up what their favorite photo is to give them a gift they'll be really grateful for.


The gift ideas above are just a few of the best friendship birthday present ideas out there. There are so many more you could get that will be perfect for your friend. Maybe after reading this, you've got some new ideas for presents that you could give them today! Happy gift giving!

If you have any suggestions for the next post in the Best Friend Birthday Gift Series, let me know in the comments below!

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