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2019’s Must-Read Romance Novels According To Romance Authors

Mushy romance books which take is in fairyland are our favourite. At times these books do seem to be far from reality, but boy, who cares! Atl east we know what love is, how it should be expressed and what are the trials and tribulations one could go through when they are in love – and this is all perfect for those who haven’t really experience it in their lives. So here’s the author recommended a list of romance books which you should be catching up on this year – read on:

American Dreamer:
Gone are the days when the lead characters in romance stories were a boy and a girl. We’re in this day and age where the love of all kinds and types is being celebrated – and this makes it an even better reason to read this book. A fantastic love story of Nasto and Jude, you have to read this book to know what aesthetically written romance novels are.

The Bride test:
A girl with dreams to be extraordinary and a boy who has his unique perspective of looking at the world fall for each other. A straight out of the heart story, this one will make you fall for both the lead characters!

Seduced by the Highland Werewolf:
You would expect this to be a typical love story between a werewolf and a beautiful girl, but there’s a lot more to it. A wonderfully written book, Mandy Roth brings to us yet another romantic novel which has all the essential elements of a proper romance novel in it – we loved it, and we know you would do too!

That kind of guy:

A romance story between an older heroine and an easy going charming young hero, this book is a roller coaster of emotions and would keep you laughing through it all. Not all authors can bring humour to serious stories, and when someone does we just love them!

Forget the contemporary modern setting love stories and lose yourself in this mind-blowing romance based in historic times. A sexy hero and a sultry heroine – and passion and undeniable chemistry – voila, there goes your charming romance novel!

Hope you find ample time to catch up with these marvellous books- and remember, they are novels which are recommended by other authors – so they sure have some magic in them! Happy reading!