20 Drummer Gifts - Unusual and Awesome Ideas

May 26, 2021
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Drummers can be tough people to buy for. Many of them are stubborn, difficult, and act like they already know everything. But don’t worry! Drummers are just as hard to shop for because they probably have all the instruments they need and anything you could try to get from a music store is going to be vaguely disappointing. But, as I always say, there’s hope: you can buy drummers the gift of education and put their skills to good use! Here are 20 gifts for drummers (in no particular order) that don’t involve giving them your kidney.

1. Pedal Practice Pad

Pedal practice pads are actually more useful than you’d think. Not only can they help you to improve your double bass skills, but also your coordination and overall foot technique which will make playing even that little bit easier. A lot of brands have pedal practice pads now, so go on and pick one up – you’ll thank me later!

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2. Nickle Plated Snare Stand

Snare stands are a gift that most drummers won’t buy for themselves because they don’t really need them, but once they get them they will actually use them. Nickle plating won’t make the stand noticeably better or worse, but it will make it rust and tarnish less (which is nice for indoor use).

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3. Handheld Tambourine

For drummers who like percussion, a handheld tambourine is an inexpensive little gift that can really open up their sound! A tambourine comes in handy for adding some extra punch to your snare, bass or even acoustic guitar. And let’s be real here: any drummer or percussionist needs a handheld tambourine – they’re just too damn fun not to have around.

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4. Electronic Drum Set

Electronic drum kits are great for drummers who don’t have a lot of space or who just want an easy way to practice. Electronic kits don’t require electricity, so you don’t have to worry about making sure your power isn’t going to go out during a dry run. It also doesn’t matter how old you are: electronic drums are incredibly useful for anyone, regardless of skill level.

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5. Drumsticks

Of course, any good drummer will appreciate a good set of drum sticks – like every musician in the world, they love to play with their hands. This is an awesome gift that won’t break the bank and shows that you listen to their complaints about their sticks when they talk about them during band practice.

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6. A Stick Bag

Stick bags are handy because most drummers pretty much just throw their sticks in a box or a compartment in their case. This can be problematic and downright dangerous, so get them a stick bag to keep everything safe! The best stick bags are made of leather, but if your drummer is on a tight budget nylon will do just fine. A good rule of thumb: the better the bag, the more expensive it is.

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7. Drum Stuff

Plenty of drummers like to modify their drums, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift, you can get some drum stuff. You could get them some drum wrap in the color of their favorite sports team or a new set of screws for their DIY mods. Drummers love anything that allows them to customize their sound and appearance, and it makes a great gift!

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8. A Snare Stand Bag

Some snare stands are very awkward and inconvenient to carry around, so get your drummer a snare stand bag. Some bags have wheels and others have backpack straps; either one will do.

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9. A Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Stereos are great for drummers because they allow your drummer to practice anywhere as long as they have a good pair of headphones. It’s always a good idea to get them a stereo speaker so that they can hear themselves better when practicing alone, and since there are no cables involved it’s easy for them to take their stereo wherever they want. If you were thinking of getting them a Bluetooth speaker because you didn’t know how else to spend your money, now you can rest assured that the gift was definitely worth it!

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10. Chord Chart

Chord charts can teach drummers a whole lot of information about how to play their instruments – but only if you’re willing to put up with it. A lot of times, this kind of information is very useful when drummers want to learn a new song, but at the same time, it can be too in-depth and overwhelming for beginners. If you’re buying your drummer a chord chart, make sure that you only give them the more advanced chords that they might need – and leave the beginner stuff out!

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11. Drumming DVD

Drumming DVDs are incredibly useful, but they can be a little bit expensive. If you want to make your drummer happy without spending a lot of money, consider giving them one of their favorite “must-see” drumming dvds! Some of the best options are made by informative videographers that just love music as much as drummers do – and drummers don’t mind watching music videos because they know everything about how it’s made!

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12. Drum Heads

The options here are endless. It is important to think about what sort of tones and sounds you want for your drummer; after all, there is no one size fits all kit here. But having a large variety in head type allows the drummer to change up their sound in an instant like a hot-dogging rockstar or post-hardcore jamming session starter.

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13. Drums

This one is easy, but not as easy as it sounds. If you are willing to shell out the cash, you can get them any kind of drum they want! And since most drummers will only use their kits for about two years before they switch or upgrade anyway, this is a great gift for a drummer who already has a lot of drum gear.

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14. T-Shirts

For some reason, drummers love t-shirts. You can get them any kind of band shirt they want, or make it easier on yourself and just get them one that yells “DRUMMER” in the loudest letters you can find; there’s no such thing as too much attention when you’re playing live!

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15. Drummer Headphones

This may be another “no duh” gift idea, but it can be tricky to find headphones that work well with drums. If you follow the guidelines of this article, however, you should have no problem finding good ones!

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16. Beats

These days, drummers aren’t limited to only playing on actual drums; there are lots of cool programs that allow them to make all sorts of fun noises and sounds. Getting the drummer in your life some beats to play on will keep them happy no matter what their tastes!

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17. Drummer Books

Okay, so this one might not put a smile on the drummer’s face, but having lots of information about playing drums available to you is a gift most drummers won’t receive enough of. Drummers can always use more knowledge and information when it comes to drumming; that’s why this is such a great gift idea!

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18. Drums Key Chains

They’re funny, they’re useful, and they make a great gift for any drummer. They can hang off their backpack or keys, and if you give one in person you can start a conversation about the different types of drums out there.

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19. Multitrack Recorder/Recording

This is a great gift for any musician, but it’s really great for drummers. Recording drums is hard work and even harder if you don’t have the right equipment. A multitrack recorder will allow them to work more efficiently and come up with some amazing finished products!

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20. Drum Stickers

Every drummer loves stickers, and they’re an easy way to dress up a kit. You can even give them some drum themed stickers so the drummer in your life has something nice to look at while they’re playing!

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There are tons of different ways to make the drummer in your life happy. You can certainly buy them a drum kit or other gear, but I think you’ll have more success by giving them the gift of education. There are countless videos, books, and articles that will allow drummers to improve their skills in the field they love.

So there you go! I hope this article was helpful in some way! If you’ve ever bought a drumset for someone, I’d love to hear what you got them in the comments below! And if you have any advice yourself, be sure to contribute!

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