Gifts for Grandpa - 30 Unusual Ideas

May 21, 2021
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Grandpas are the pillars of the family, and they deserve to be treated as such. The best way to show them your love is with gifts! This article will offer 30 different gift ideas that you can give to grandpa on Father's Day or any other holiday.

gift ideas for grandpa

Our List of 30 Gifts For Grandpa You Can Buy or Make

1. Customized coffee mug

It doesn't get more personal than this one! Get a coffee mug, decorate it with your grandpa’s favorite quotations, images and colors. If you want an extra special touch, print his photo on it next to a written quote about him being like a best buddy or like the 5th child. Choose a picture you think is the most accurate representation of your grandpa as a grandfather.

2. Grandpa’s favorite bookmark

Which written work do you think is your grandpa’s personal favorite? Choose either a book, an article, or other piece of writing that he loves to read and give him a customized bookmark to mark his place. You can even pick a design that suits the theme of the book; for example, if he loves American history, get him something in the shape of the Great Seal of the United States.

3. Photo puzzle

Make a photo puzzle out of a picture that you took together with your grandpa. If you need any help with the process, there are websites that can help you out (just Google “photo puzzles”). This gift is something that your grandpa will love to put together every once in a while!

4. A family tree poster

If your grandpa has been around for a while, chances are he has lots of information about his own family tree. If he was nice enough to share it with you, get him a poster in which to display the information about everyone in his family, including his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Use different colors for people of different generations.

5. Grandpa’s journal

This is a great gift for grandpa who enjoys keeping a journal. Your grandpa will enjoy writing every day, and this is an easy gift to give. If you have some blank pages, you can even include a small note next to each entry as an extra treat.

6. Superhero cap

Grandpas love superhero capes! If your grandpa likes capes, give him one of the ones designed by DC comics, Marvel Comics or even Marvel Cinematic Universe (also known as the MCU), which are full of cool features like big muscles, special skills and strength. Get one that matches his own favorite superhero!

7. Military flag

If your grandpa was in the military, he’ll love this one! Get him a military flag that represents his specific branch of service; there are flags available for every service branch imaginable. Make sure you know what branch he served in before giving this gift, or just go with your personal favorite!

8. Grandpa’s personal calendar for current year

If your grandpa likes to keep track of his days, this is a great gift for him. He can fill it up with important dates and memorable events that occurred during the previous year. You can even include pictures next to each entry; for example, if he had any vacations, highlight those in the picture so he’ll be able to remember them.

9. Gourmet coffee tasting kit

Give your grandpa a coffee tasting kit as a gift that he will love! Each one comes with 12 unique blends that are picked by one of America’s best coffee experts, and they are free-flowing ground coffee beans. You can choose to give him the entire set or just one of the brands included.

10. A music box

If your grandpa likes music, get him a music box with a song that he really loves in the background. You can pick any song that you think is best, or you can pick one with lots of memories attached to it. It’s an ideal gift for dads who like to listen to music!

11. Grandpa’s favorite book

If your grandpa loves reading, get him a copy of the book that he considers his favorite. Ask him to pick the one that he remembers most fondly, and you can even make sure there are memories attached to the book itself so he will love getting it back on his shelf. There are many great authors who specialize in such books, so you can find something for any era.

12. A pocket knife

Your grandpa probably carries a pocket knife at all times, so why not give him one that really fits him? Pick an easy-to-open one with a pocket clip or a buckle. You can also get one of those small keychain versions so he’ll always have it on him.

13. A photo album

This is another great gift for grandpa who enjoys keeping photos collected throughout the years. If he has lots of memories attached to them, he’ll love having them in an album so he can go back and look through them whenever he wants. Each album comes with extra pages and space for more pictures!

14. LED flashlight

If your grandpa lives in an old house or one that doesn’t have power most of the time, this will be a lifesaver. It comes with three different brightness settings so it can be used in any situation. It is battery-powered so it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any plugs or wires.

15. Personalized wood sign

One of the best gifts for grandpa that has a lot of memories attached to it. This one will make him feel really special, and he can personalize it with photos, stickers or even quotes that remind him of his favorite memories. It’s an ideal gift for older relatives who are living alone in their own homes!

16. A set of wine glasses

Gifts for grandfathers don’t get better than this set of four wine glasses that you can use during parties or just for relaxing at home. They are hand-made and come with gold accents and a black wood stand that holds them all together. The glasses are smooth and it has an unusual shape. It’s also very sturdy, so your grandpa won’t have to worry about chipping any glassware!

17. Grooming kit

Beards are usually a symbol of masculinity, and this grooming kit is perfect for both grandfathers and grandfathers-to-be. It includes an apron, scissors, comb and beard oil that will make your grandpa look great! You can also add a sticker if you want to make things even more personal.

18. Personalized belt

For granddads who like to be in touch with the latest trends, this personalized belt will be an ideal gift for him. It comes with two different color options so you can choose the one that you like best. It is made of 100% genuine leather so it will last a long time and it’s very comfortable to wear.

19. Personalized shaving kit

This shaving kit is created for the grandpa with a strong personality. It includes everything he needs for a great shave, from razor to brush and bowl. It can be personalized with a custom message that will make him feel very special.

20. Wrist watch

Gifts for grandfathers don’t get better than this! This watch is made of real leather that will look great on his wrist and it has an attractive design on it as well. He can also choose from three different colors: an option with white, black or tan leather strap, plus a gold chain and three face options: black, white or gray dials.

21. Personalized golf towel

This personalized towel is meant to prove that he is the best golfer of the family. He can use it to dry his clubs, since this will also be a great gift for any golf lover. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, as well as five different names to personalize his gift.

22. Wooden Personalized Wine Box

If he enjoys his glass of wine, this may be the perfect gift for him. You can personalize it with his name and a special message, plus it comes in such a beautiful design that he will love it on first sight. It is made of cherry wood and despite being compact, it will hold up to 18 bottles of wine!

23. Golf towel bundle

This innovative gift consists of 4 items that all golf enthusiasts should have: a golf towel with an attached ball marker to prevent losing track of his ball on the green, as well as a premium divot tool and 2 club head covers for his favorite clubs.

24. Family photo calendar

If your family has an annual reunion each year, try your hand at creating a fun family photo calendar that you can give as a gift to each member of your family, including all of their partners as well as each of their children.

25. Pet grooming kit

Give your grandpa a pet grooming kit as a gift! Each one comes with everything he needs to take care of his cute pet: brushes, combs, nail clippers, dog shampoo, dog toothbrushes and even nail trimmers. It only takes a few minutes to do this every now and then; it’s a perfect way to spend quality time with your grandpa and his beloved pet.

26. Handmade necklace

If your grandpa is an avid jewelry collector, get him a handcrafted necklace that you made yourself. You can even make his name or his favorite phrase on it. This is a great gift for grandpas who are born in the month of October, and it’s also a nice way to remember your time with your grandpa when you were young!

27. Grandpa’s own shower speaker

The best way to make your grandpa feel special on Father’s Day is to give him something that can help him feel even more special than before. Make sure the speaker is able to play multiple images and themes, like a picture of his grandchildren, his kids, or himself in some kind of scene with lots of hot steamy water! You can even get a speaker for his shower with a built-in microphone so he can record his own personal messages.

28. A power mug

Does your grandpa always take extra long to finish his coffee or tea? If so, he will love this gift! This is a mug that will hold his drink at the perfect temperature through heating and cooling. Not only does it make for an excellent cup of tea or coffee, but it saves time as well.

29. A personalized clock

If your grandpa is a clock connoisseur, he will love this gift! You can get him a beautiful and elegant grandfather clock that says “Grandpa’s Clock” in bold letters on top. Each one is meticulously crafted to make sure the lettering is perfectly sized and shaped to match the look of the entire clock. There are many different shapes for each word, so you can choose what looks best for him.

30. A cool desk clock

Got a grandpa who likes to keep track of time, especially at work? This is a great gift for him. The clock will have all the time zones listed around the entire face of the clock, so he can easily find out what time it is in his time zone.


Who doesn’t love getting a gift from their grandkids? Whether your grandpa lives nearby, far away or overseas, you can make sure he knows that you always cherish him with this gift guide of 30 unique gifts for grandpa. Hopefully one of these gifts will make the best and most unique birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day gift for your grandpa!

Hopefully, you found some unusual yet thoughtful gifts for grandpa.

If you have any other ideas for what to give grandpa, please mention them in the comments below so we can add them and get this stuck full of holiday gifting ideas!

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