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10 Book Series To Read If You Enjoyed The Hunger Games

So people out there who thoroughly enjoyed Hunger Games, looking out for something more to read? Here’s a list of ten books we’re sure you’d love (we know your taste in books well now!). These books must feature in your wishlist – so read on:

The Divergent series:
In a society where everyone’s divided into five factions, this is a story about a badass girl who is not only brave but also dares to make life-changing decisions. This story is far from the world we live in; the story is thoroughly relatable because of the beautifully intertwined emotions in it.

The Maze Runner Files:
It’s no surprise that this series has been adapted into record-breaking movies. The stunning storyline keeps you gripped till the end – these boys, with no recollection of their past life, are sent to the Glade, which is surrounded by a mysterious maze that no one can escape – what will the boys do?

A two book series which tells the story of Celestine North – a fierce girl who won’t compromise on what she stands for in any case – even if it means risking her own life. This book is based in a society where even a small mistake could lead you to get branded – by a hot iron cast.

The sleeper awakes:

A story about a man who sleeps and wakes up 200 years later who realises that everything else has moved on – except him. How will he cope up in this new world where everything is just hard to comprehend?

The Lunar Chronicles:
Based loosely on famed fairytales, the Lunar Chronicles are tales which have portrayed the girl next door leads of the fairytales – Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White in different avatars. An interesting take, this is a must read series.

The Delirium Series:
How does it feel – to live in a society where love is treated as a dirty emotion and falling in love is equivalent to a disease? And what happens if you’re a beautiful girl living in this society who falls hopelessly in love? That’s what this out-of-the-world yet the exciting story is all about!

The Last Survivors:
What happens when a random meteor falls on the moon, pushing it closer to the earth? Utter disturbance of the entire gravitational cycle and a series of catastrophic natural disasters – will the young lead characters be able to save their family through it all?

The Legend series:

Marie Lu has wonderfully explored a different relationship in this series – a fearless girl has set out to take on the country’s most wanted criminal for murdering her brother. While she’s on it, a lot of facts are unravelled which give the story a different direction.

The Dwellers:
Imagine being forced to live underground for the rest of your life due to destruction in the world. And amidst all the chaos is a young girl seeking answers to a lot of questions about her parents past that have been haunting her.

The Fifth Wave Trilogy:
A science fiction series that’s based in the post-apocalyptic world has young adults as it’s lead characters. The first four waves have washed off half the world, and the rest is fearfully awaiting the fifth wave which would wash all the rest of them. How will they find a way out?